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Siciliade is a collection of refined and tasty frozen dishes, designed and developed by our chef and created to best meet the needs of qualified operators and professionals of channel, and food distribution. Choosing Siciliade means offering gourmet dishes ready to be served in a few minutes, prepared in the oven or in the microwave. Siciliade dishes are appreciated by that part of the customers more attentive to quality. Pasta dishes, main courses and sauces of Siciliade are prepared using top-quality ingredients, selected by favouring products of the Sicilian territory.

Projekt finanziert mit PO FESR Sizilien 2014/2020. “Achsenpriorität 3. Aktion 3.4.2“

"Anreize zum Kauf von Internationalisierungsunterstützungsdiensten"

Europäische Union Italienische Republik Region Sizilien PO FESR Sizilien 2014/2020