Aziende prodotti ittici


We have been producing smoked fish since 1996.

We pay special attention to the curing of swordfish, tuna fish, and salmon, and we are always committed in  developing and researching new products. We employ artisanal processing methods (the fish is hung in ventilated chambers for dry-salting and cold smoking) and we exclusively use natural ingredients without any chemical additives.

In order to guarantee high-quality products, all processing phases, from supply of goods to delivery, are traced and undergo health controls and laboratory checks. 

Collaboration with packaging companies allows us to meet our customers’ need and partnership with logistic platforms guarantees fast and safe deliveries.

Chemistry, especially in recent decades, has taken the upper hand in favor of the business of large multinationals.

Altamarea, a small drop in the Mediterranean,  try to differentiate itself every day by proposing an artisanal production process to guarantee a final result of absolute “flavor”.

Smoking is art and we do it cold just to give the products a high capacity for preservation without altering the organoleptic properties.